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WAEC Withheld Result: Reasons, Release, Latest Update & More


How to chck waec 2019 result

WAEC Withheld Result: Reasons, Release, Latest Update & More

Every year WAEC withholds results of thousands of students due to one reason or the other. If your result was held, then this guide is for you.

You’ll soon discover the reasons WAEC withholds result, and how long it takes for those results to be released.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) organises the biggest Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in Africa.

The popular exam body strives for perfection, as we have noticed from recent improvements compared to years back.

Before we decided to write a post on this subject matter, we received several questions from our readers like:

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  • What is the latest news on WAEC GCE held result?
  • I need the latest information on the release of WAEC held result
  • When is WAEC going to release held result?

Reasons WAEC withholds result of some candidates

According to a statement recently released by an official, some results are withheld when there is suspicion of Examination malpractices in any centre.

As a result, those students or the whole center will be put up for investigation to either confirm or exonerate them of cheating.

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The above fact is in contrast to the several rumours have been flying around claiming WAEC withholds results of candidates if they performed excessively well.

When does waec release held result?

There is no generic time frame as to when WAEC releases held result. In some cases, it may reach several months before a student would be found guilty or cleared of malpractices. Sometimes, however, the whole process take only a few weeks.

In any case, feel free to use the result checking portal after waiting for quite some time. However, remember that checking multiple times in quick succession will only make you quickly exhaust the 5 times limit per ePIN.

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Generally, WAEC withheld result issues before JAMB and universities in Nigeria begin offering admissions.This is done so that students will not end up losing out on their admissions unjustly.


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