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The Manual Of Life-A Must Read


The Manual Of Life-A Must Read

The Manual Of Life, The Guide To Living It.


At some point in time, consciously or subconsciously, whether you admit it or not, you seek for this.


Deep within your heart,  you know there’s nothing like that,  but sometimes you let yourself believe what the media says about what is normal or not. Hunnie, you are what is normal and don’t let anyone or anything else tell you otherwise. “My sister has long hair but mine is short! what is wrong with me?!” “My brother is tall and big while I’m short and skinny! is it normal?!”…. Questions like that keep rolling but unless it concerns your health, hunnie it’s OK, you are fine, you are what is normal!

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Subconsciously, you seek to know the world’s standard for what is normal. You end up doing what is abnormal for you but normal for others just so you feel you belong. At 25 you don’t have a job and still live with your parents, it’s okay hunnie. At 50 and unmarried it’s still okay, that’s your own normal. Your individuality makes you unique, that’s normal for you.


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There’s no manual of life or guide to living. You just need to find your soul (your deepest desires): how you feel, likes, dislikes and how would’ve reacted to different situations if not for your upbringing and other environmental factors (in other words your innermost self), and then know your body: how you react to situations instead. When you find and know your soul and body, only then can you design your own guide to living. In your mind you say “I don’t know myself but I know whom I don’t want to be” how would you know you are not already that kind of person, since you don’t know yourself to begin with?!

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Your soul and body makes you, you. When found, you are found. Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s no manual for that either. As they say “variety is the spice of life”, so try different things and know where you are.





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