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JAMB 2019 UPDATES: Candidates With JAMB Result Checking Issues

JAMB 2019 UPDATES: Candidates With JAMB Result Checking Issues

JAMB 2019 UPDATES: Candidates With JAMB Result Checking Issues 

We have observed that many 2019 UTME candidates are still unable to check their results days after the result has been released due to reasons like loss of the number they registered with, network issues, inability to send the correct SMS format etc if you are among the candidates who has been unable to check their results, this piece is for you.

At this time, the only method JAMB has provided for candidates to check their results is the Text/SMS method. However, we believe that they are already aware that some candidates are unable to check their results using that method. So we believe that they will definitely make provision for such candidates to either check results via the board’s website with their registration numbers or the candidates’ profiles.

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So candidates having issues checking their results are advised to exercise a bit of patience as they would be able to check soon; unless yours is among the ones withheld for various irregularities. In that case, you will be notified the moment you send RESULT to 55019.

Nevertheless, if you are still so eager to check your result via the SMS method and you are having issues with that, you need to note the following;

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1, The Phone number you are using to send RESULT to 55019 must be the one you provided during JAMB registration. If you have lost the SIM and do not mind the stress of going through the SIM retrieval process, you can go ahead to retrieve the line and then use it to send the message.

2. The format of the SMS is RESULT to 55019. Note that the result must be in capital letter and it must be spelt “result” and not “results”

3. For those that have issues due to the network they are using, we understand that the network providers especially Airtel and GLO are working to resolve the issue. A myschooler contacted Airtel customer care line and was duly informed that the problem has already been noted and hopefully will be resolved by tomorrow May 14th.

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Meanwhile, we are going to create a monitoring thread so we can easily know when JAMB has enabled the online portal or candidates’ profile for the checking of the result. You can follow the monitoring thread to stay updated on that.


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