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How To Make Money Online from the Internet in 2019

How To  Make Money Online from the Internet in 2019

How To Make Money Online from the Internet in 2019 

Have you ever taught of making cool cash online from the internet? Are you tired of spending your whole day on social medial chatting without earning? have you been searching for ways to earn money online then you have come to the right place.

Today I will tell you the 10 easiest ways to make money online in this post, So that you can earn money sitting in your house without spending money. By the way everyone wants money. So I wrote this article for those people’s who do not know or have idea on how to make cool cash online using your internet. You also know that nowadays there are many people all over the world wanting money online and they have to make money so that they can fulfill their needs from those money.

Below are the 10 Easiest way to make cool money from the internet

1. Start Your Own Blog Or Website

The best way to earn money online from the Internet is by Creating your own blog or website, actually this is the best place to earn money online and this is one of my favorite way to earn money online.

By creating a blog or a website, you need to be expert in something and you should have a good knowledge of that thing and along with it you should come to write as I have written this article for you, Blogging requires 2 things to be done 1. Expert of something 2. The skills of writing, along with this you can start blogging.

If you have to start by creating your website then you will need hosting for it (I will recommend you namecheap) and your website will be created within 10 minutes, but you will have to spend some money to build a website like hosting a website and then pay a domain for it.

If you don’t want to spend your money without making your website, then the Blogger platform is best for you.

Now you will easily earn money by making your website, you will earn money from the website as it is Google’s service, AdSense and you can also earn commission by promoting third party’s products.

You can as well as contact me to get a professional website at a low price. Mr. George (+2348108308935)

NOTE: A) In starting a blog, your domain name is one of the most important thing you should take note of. Choose a unique name that will reflect your niche. Just like my blog, the name goes “Students Calendar” talking more on the academic of students so it is definitely an educational niche.

B) Your blog structure and speed also matters a lot.

C) You must know how to write unique content.


2. Start your YouTube Channel

If you like to make videos, then you have to make videos and upload them to YouTube, making money for your videos first create your channel at YouTube.Com.

After this, if your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4k hours watch time, then you earn money by monetizing your channel with Google Adsense.

And at the same time, you can earn money by promoting third party products like that android apps, softwares, etc. in your videos.


3. Freelancing

You can earn money by Freelancing too. Freelancer tells him that there is a skill if you have any skill, you also earn money online.

In freelancing, you can earn money by working on coding, programming, content writing, website designing, graphic designing etc. Here, when you complete the work given by the person, he will pay you for your work. This is a good way to earn money online.

There are many popular websites for freelancing such as Fiverr, UpWork, Odesk, Guru, it is popular freelancing sites, all the freelancers working on these sites, you can earn a lot of money by working on these sites.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online because it starts earning in a very short period of time, If you have good presence on social media and receive lots of like and comments or you have any website or blog, then you can earn money via an affiliate program.

You can start promoting affiliate products, sorts companies, services online and earn 10% to 30% commission on per sale.

Join some best affiliate programs that relevant to your niche and start making money online. This is the best way to earn money online.

5. Piad Guest Posting

There are many websites on the internet looking for content authors, if you have the skill to write a paid guest post and earn good money.

There are many bloggers who are working as content writing authors on others’ blogs, such as more than a thousands of author’s writing content on the TechCrunch site.

For Example, DigitalOcean Company pay up to $300 of an article. If you search on Google then you will find many such web sites on the internet.

6. Start your Facebook Page

This method of earning money from the Facebook page is like some YouTube, you can make money by uploading videos to Facebook Page. If you are YouTuber and you have a YouTube channel, then you can make double money by uploading those videos to Facebook page.

If you work on Facebook, you will get more money than youtube because when someone shows ads on YouTube then after 5 seconds the option of Skip is due to which there is not much revanue on video but skip on Facebook There is no option. If someone watches over your video on Facebook, he will have to see the 90 seconds of Ads which will earn you more money.

7. PTC (Paid to Click)

PTC stands for “Paid to Click” that means if you click on some ads, you will get the money to click on those ads. To earn money from these Ads, you have to create an account on some sites, These sites will help you to click on ads and you can earn money by clickng ads and this is free of cost.

I am telling you some PTC (Pay to Click) sites where you can start earning by registering your account. And at the same time, I will also tell you how much these sites will do the Minimum Payout.

Note: To receive money from these sites, you have to a PayPal or Bitcoin account.

8. PPD (Pay Per Download)

Maybe you have heard the name of PPD for the first time, so let me tell you that PPD means “Pay Per Download”. From this path you can earn any online earnings such as Images, Videos, Movies, Softwares, Applications and Games etc. on PPD Sites for earning online. To upload. And you will get the money to download those uploaded files the more files you download the get more earning you will be.

At the below, I’m are telling some popular PPD sites that you can make money by downloading your files.

If you search on Google then you will find many more best and populaer such websites on the internet.

9. Help Bloggers

If you have good information about Blogging, SEO, Blog Setup etc. But in this you don’t need to start your blog, then you can earn money with the help of new bloggers.

You can get the help of new bloggers by working with a commission deal according to your work, helping them increase their blog traffic, optimizing and promoting etc.

You can use social media for contacting bloggers. There are many newbie bloggers, who are unable to setup own blog and want to hire an expert.

10. Make Money By Link Shortening

This is the very popular way of Making Money Online. It is very easy to use and it’s free. In it you have to shorten the link to big and popular websites. Once you’ve shortened the link, you have to share that link and you get the money to click on that link.

Now let me tell you Popular Link Shortner Sites where you can make your account by using this service and earn money sitting at home and it is very easy.

Top Popular Link Shortner Websites

  • Linkshrink.Net

If you search on Google then you will find many more link shortner websites on the internet.


These are the top & best ways to earn money online from the internet. If you have an interest in anything above and have some creative skill, you may be able to earn online income from them.

There are many more ways to make money online, but here we have only added trustable ways, from whom you can actually earn money from the Internet.

There are many more ways to believe, we will continue to add them to this list. For a future update, you can bookmark to our blog and follow us on all social media.



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