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Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund (YECF) 2019


Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund (YECF) 2019

Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund (YECF) 2019

Do you have a business thought or a current business around the spread of rural recordings? Is it accurate to say that you are more youthful than 30 years, living in Latin America, Africa or Asia-Pacific? On the off chance that your answer is truly, look at the youthful business visionary test subsidize.

Access Agriculture is a non-benefit association that underpins the dissemination of value preparing recordings to share pragmatic learning on cultivating and nourishment handling over the worldwide South. Ranchers in Latin America, Africa and Asia can gain from their companions on different landmasses

Women and young people are the future and backbone of agricultural development. Promoting agriculture as a business has gained currency in recent times to create more economic value and to encourage youth into agriculture.

Agriculture has been supported by rapid developments in information and communication technologies (ICT). Across developing countries mobile financial services are booming. Likewise, social media and apps help farmers forecast the weather or know about market prices.

Through the Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund (YECF), Access Agriculture is requesting young people to propose innovative ideas to make a business, or expand their existing business, around the dissemination of agricultural videos. Through this competitive grant, the most inspiring and promising young entrepreneurs will receive a Digisoft smart projector. This projector has an in-built computer and contains the entire Access Agriculture library with over 200 videos in more than 75 international and local languages. The smart projector comes with a battery and a portable solar panel, so videos can be shown without the internet or electricity.

By building on the ICT skills and networks of young men and women, we believe we can better train farmers and make agriculture more attractive to youth and reach more women.

Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund Eligibility.

  • One person or teams of up to 4 young people can submit a proposal
  • Age: younger than 30 years
  • Country of residence: any country in Latin America, Africa or Asia-Pacific

Access Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund Proposal guidelines, submission and review process.

  • You need to be registered and logged in on Access Agriculture before you can submit an application form
  • Individuals or teams of up to 4 people can submit
  • Each person can only be part of one proposal
  • Submission of proposals is only through our online system
  • The form must be submitted at one sitting, so decide what you want to write for each section and then copy and paste the information into the appropriate section on the form
  • No email or other type of applications will be accepted
  • You need to present the key ideas of your business proposal as laid out in the submission form
  • Proposals need to be submitted before 21st March 2019




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